Looking for a 1/1 of your favorite wrestler or fighter?
Want to know if your favorite 1/1 is still out there or was already pulled?
Maybe you're looking for checklists, or want to know if a 1/1 is graded?
No matter what, you're in the right place.

To submit a 1/1 to add to the tracker...
1) Use the Tracker mobile app "Submit" button
2) Comment your pictures on the dedicated Tracker posts on social media, they aren't hard to find (in several WWE/UFC/AEW card Facebook groups, on Twitter, on Instagram, or on Blowout Forums).
3) Join the No Gimmick Wrestling Card Discord Server or Facebook Group and drop a picture(s) on the appropriate post.
4) Simply DM your picture(s) to any of my socials. (Easiest & most popular)
or 5) if you aren't on social media, you can just upload your picture(s) to our Google Form to be added.


What's up guys. Welcome to my brain child.
I started the Tracker over a year ago because I was curious about how many WWE 1/1s were really still out there yet to be pulled from boxes. Here we are over a year later, and what started as a shared Google Sheet has grown into an entire hub of information for the wrestling card community. Between updates, keeping up with constant new pulls and research, maintaining the site, plus keeping you guys up-to-date with product releases and what's going on around the wrestling community on my socials. I easily put in 40+ hours a week just to make sure the community always has reliable and accurate information to turn to at any given time. That will never change. I built the Tracker because I love the community and am constantly working to expand upon it.
Little fun fact: nothing about the Tracker is automated. I am over here grinding it out for the community. Straight blood, sweat, and tears. If you appreciate the work, there's a couple donation buttons around the site, don't hestitate to use them. Donations are more helpful than people realize and they are always appreciated. The server space isn't free and time is priceless, plus it's always expanding in one way or another.
Having that said, I hope you guys enjoy my brain child, The Ultimate 1/1 Tracker.
- Ty

How do you use the tracker? It's quite simple.

Click on the product you're looking for below and you're be taken to the Tracker page for that product, where you'll find that products checklist and other information about it.
If a card's corresponding box is filled in, it's 1/1 has been pulled. The links inside the filled boxes lead to pictures of the actual cards that are kept on our server for everyone to see.
If a card has yet to be pulled and is still out in the wild, the card's corresponding box will be empty.

Redemption lists
You will notice a list of redemptions available in each product's section. With these, if a name/card on this list is bold, the redemption is actively being filled/shipped. If it is not bold, it is still awaiting fulfillment.

While there is no concrete guarantee if something is unmarked that it has not been pulled, we are confident we have recorded the overwhelming vast majority of the 1/1s that have been pulled. On the flip side, we do guarantee that any box marked has been pulled.

I partnered up with 130point to make comping your stuff a thousand times easier. No more running endless eBay listings or asking around in Facebook groups to help find the values of your cards. Just click the 130point button located at the top of the site, and you'll be on your way. Just type in what you're trying to find the value of, and be as specific as possible. Put the set, person, color, etc. If you can't find anything exact, you can just make your search a little more vague to find something similar.

I have also partnered up with WaxStat to bring a new sense of convenience and assurance to our community. Underneath each tracker section, you will find WaxStat links for single boxes and full cases. These links will show you a list of known and reputable suppliers that have the chosen product available, and at what cost, with links to buy from the respective suppliers. All of this information is made available on WaxStat, to assure that buyers are paying the best price from the available suppliers.

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The Ultimate WWE 1/1 Tracker has no affiliation with WWE, AEW, UFC, NASCAR, Panini America, Topps, Upper Deck, or Panini (yet). Maybe one day. But for now, it is an independently owned & operated research tool created by Ty Campos.

If you are a regular user of the Tracker and appreciate all the hard work that's went into putting it together for the community to use, the daily updates, and the amount of attention it requires to keep up with everything, please consider donating to help keep it going. (Button below)
For any questions you may have, feel free to reach out to Ty at [email protected] .