Charlotte Flair | Base (Prizm23)
Drew McIntyre | Premium Mem Auto (Immac)
Dana Brooke | Mezzanine (Select)
Wes Lee | Chron Auto (Chron)
Jinny | Modern Marks (Immac)

Looking for a certain 1/1 of your favorite WWE Superstar?

Want to know if your favorite chase card is still out there or was already pulled?
You're in the right place.

To submit a hit to the tracker, you can...
1) Reply/comment on one of the Tracker posts on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Blowout).
2) Join the No Gimmick Wrestling Discord or Facebook and drop a picture on the appropriate post.
3) If you aren't on social media, you can upload your photo(s) to this Google Form.


Hello, and welcome to the what is probably the most useful research tool created for the wrestling collector community. The Ultimate WWE 1/1 Tracker. I created this tool in the summer of 2022 because I found myself wondering what was still out there, and noticed that collectors were innocently chasing cards that have already been pulled, without knowing they had already been pulled. But in the communities defense, there was no research tool in place to know, or a way to know for certain if a card has been pulled without digging through several resources looking around or just asking around and hoping for the best. So, I thought 'hey, why not make a tool that freely offers this exact information to the entire community?' then boom. The tracker was born. We may not have 100% of the cards tracked that have been pulled, but I can say with confidence that we have the overwhelming vast majority covered. Almost a year of daily updates, well over 1,000 1/1s recorded, and the full website is finally live for the community! So hello!

For the tracker, there is one rule, and one rule only: proof of pull. This means someone from our team must see the card in order for it to be added to the tracker. This rule was put in place early on as a safety precaution because we had some false claims in the beginning for some pretty big cards. Kind of stupid, but it happened.

Having all of that said, welcome to the site, and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.

There's some other information about the tracker that needs to be added, and it will be added here at a later time.

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The Ultimate WWE 1/1 Tracker has no affiliation with Panini America or WWE. It is an independently owned & operated research tool created by Ty Campos.

For any questions you may have, feel free to reach out to [email protected].

The Ultimate WWE 1/1 Tracker • Created by Ty Campos